Pain grips dreams and hopes until the life is gone and the only thing that is left is a memory of what could have been. I don’t always make good decisions, but I make the best ones I can, and I live with each. Regret lurks around every corner beckoning be back, beckoning blame, beckoning me to embrace failure and loss. But I cannot blame, I cannot embrace the fear of loss, for to embrace it will solidify it’s existence and my death. The sharp knife of pain is dangerous. My decisions have brought me forward and strength must push me past the edge of the blade threatening to take my life.

I cannot change the decisions I have made, but I can make sure that they were not in vain. I have to gather up my tears and water the dreams that made those decisions so all is not lost, so regret doesn’t win and hearts are not broken for nothing. Take memories of what I thought my reality was and come away with hope that memory will survive and find life again someday.