The hustle is on. It looks like people are training for American Gladiators in the malls, fighting holiday traffic and trying to score the perfect gift (even if it means wrestling Wolf). With the craze people generally grab what is easy to nourish between shopping, work, parties and Christmas plays. Then January comes and no one can figure out how the scale is tipping a little past pudge. I want to help you out with breakfast. Lunch and dinner is generally where I get the most resistance because of parties or other poorly fashioned excuses, but I am willing to work with what I can 🙂 Just because Cinnabon tastes good now, doesn’t mean it is going to look good later.

Even though New Years is generally cold, the jackets generally shed by the time clock strikes twelve, and you don’t want to look like 16 oz sausage in a 12 oz wrapper.

Aside from the aforementioned Pumpkin Pancakes, which would be the best option and great to make and TAKE with you shopping or to work (since they can be wrapped and put in a zip-lock), here are some great, easy, calorie conscious ideas:


  1. One cup oatmeal mixed with 2 T chopped pecan halves, 2 packets of splenda and cinnamon (can be made with light soy milk)
  2. 2. Two reduced fat whole grain waffles with 2 T sugar-free syrup
  3. Two reduced fat whole grain waffles with 1 T peanut butter & 1/2 sliced banana
  4. Breakfast Smoothie: 1 cup vanilla soy milk, 1 cup frozen berries, 1/2 med banana (blend til smooth)
  5. (Second only to Pumpkin Pancakes) Casein Pancakes: 1 scoop ON Vanilla Casein 4-5 egg whites, 3/4 c oatmeal, 1 T splenda, cinnamon (to taste). Mix well and make into evenly sized pancakes. This will give you 1.5 servings but it is hard to write the recipe otherwise.

By eating a hearty, healthy breakfast, you are more apt to make better lunch and dinner decisions (tho not guaranteed you are on your own if the “toast with eggnog” turns into Weekend at Bernies…too much nonsense to even know if you are dead or alive). It is not hard to stay on track during the holidays, you only have to apply a little thought, a little preparation and discipline. Put your New Years outfit out so you have some motivation. If you don’t start now, it will just be harder later.