Fitness 101

The Other Top 10 Fitness Tips

  1. Pick a gym that motivates you not intimidates you. Don’t be shy, everyone is there for the same reason: to make progress. This doesn’t always guarantee that everyone is going to be the salt of the earth or that any gym ‘is right for you’ so look around.
  2. Try and go the same times each day. That way you are creating a pattern and if the gym is small enough or you have made some connections (either with the staff or maybe other members) they will ask you where you’ve been if you miss a week.
  3. Don’t mimic what you see other people doing; chances are they aren’t using good form. Don’t let a person’s body mislead you that they know what they are doing or how to use equipment properly.
  4. When looking for a trainer, don’t go with the first one you see. Shop around so to speak. Trainers are a dime a dozen with very little regulation. Many gyms will hire trainers who are not even certified. Ask questions. And, if you have the opportunity, watch him/her train. Maybe do some cardio while they are working and see what you think; actions speak louder than words
  5. When doing cardio and your goal is fat loss, work hard enough that you can not sing but you are able to speak. If you are unable to speak than your heart is pumping too fast to allow your body to ‘burn’ the fat. However, if you are able to sing, you may as well be at the mall window shopping because your body isn’t working much harder than if you weren’t walking at all; try and push a little harder.
  6. Set realistic goals. Sure it is possible to drop a huge amount of weight in a short period of time but chances are it isn’t healthy or permanent. If you don’t get sick, you are very likely to burn out. Ease working out in. If you are just starting, plan on going around 2-3 days a week and work up from there if you want. Your body won’t know what to do if you jump into a 5-7 day/week regimen. The experts (I would love to meet these guys sometime!) say that 1-2lbs loss per week is safe and maintainable.  You are not on a reality show, don’t expect your body to change overnight.
  7. Get off the scale and get in front of the mirror. Unless you are getting ready for a weight specific event, nobody else is watching your weight…they are watching you. The scale is not sure fire way to track progress but a tight pair of jeans is! Or pictures, they are worth a thousand words! If you have gone from a size 14 to a size 6 WHO CARES that the scale didn’t change that much?
  8. Don’t have your eyes so fixed on your long term goal that you can’t see the progress you are making. If your goal is to loose eight dress sizes don’t use your goal size jeans to track your progress. Try getting a couple of sizes in between and achieve smaller goals along the way.
  9. Be accountable. If you are not exercising and eating healthy don’t expect a miracle. And don’t give up. I have heard too many times “exercising isn’t working for me.” Only to find out the nutrition hasn’t changed. That’s kinda like buying a car and wondering why it doesn’t work when you put diesel gas in it.
  10. Be careful of over training. More isn’t always better. If your body is pushed too far, it won’t have the time to repair itself and injuries and plateaus are sure to follow. Elite athletes are different. They can train longer because their bodies are conditioned for it. Their whole life is.

Chances are there is someone you know maybe at church, or work, or in your community who is going through the same thing you are or has already begun their journey to better health. Talk with other people, see what they did or set up goals and accountability partners. Change is wonderful and empowering! Good Luck and keep going!