After posting on Facebook that I was so blessed to have such a great friends and pumpkin pancakes to get me through tough times, I had requests for the recipe…so here it is! These are great! They also travel well for a snack during class (or 4.5hr finals!), after workout, during Christmas shopping! So don’t gain that weight this holiday season, have all the flavor without all the guilt!! Topped with a little sugar free syrup or honey if eating post workout, makes this holiday treat, one that is good for EVERY MEAL!!

Pumpkin Pancakes:
1/2 cup Pumpkin
1/2 cup Oats
3 egg whites (sometimes I add a little more)
2 packets Splenda
Mix well. Spray pan with Pam, heat over med-low. Pour mixture into four even pancakes, cover and cook on med-low until pan cake is able to flip. These will not bubble like regular pancakes, but the top will begin to look ‘firm,’ aprox 10min. Flip, cook another 5 min and serve. Cook times will vary depending on your stove.

The Nutrition: 244 calories/ 3g fat/ 30g carbs/ 17.5g pro/ 170mg sodium