One of the draw backs of the American marketplace is that we are inundated with the unlikely. We are romanced by lives and looks and careers that most of us will never have. Chances are you will not be a supermodel, NBA star, an Olympian or make the Forbes list.

Often we hear about Cinderella stories and long for a fantisful story-tale life too, and when we don’t get it we feel gypped. We have to make the most out of what we have, but at the same time that doesn’t mean what we have is the most we can. There is difference between thinking that we will be the next Bill Gates and settling for a 9-5 we hate. A big difference. There is a difference between thinking we will be the next Victoria Secret Angel and settling in with that post high school weight gain. A huge difference.

We don’t have to quite dreaming about “making it,” because obviously there are some people who do. However, our dreams need to be more practically tailored. If you want to model, you can not go from fat to fabulous with out steps!

I always dreamed of modeling, but the reality is, I am not model material. I am too big for fashion, too flat for fitness and not striking enough for couture. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t model, it just means I don’t expect to land the next big BSN campaign. I have to take steps. I have to build up my name and reputation in the fitness industry. I have to maintain a physique that BSN looks for, I have to build up my portfolio…oh and it wouldn’t hurt to start winning a few shows! HAHA! All of which are possible, but it is those steps I have to focus on, not my ultimate goal.

It took me a while to realize that. I think the defining factor was in 2006 when I turned pro. I had dreamed of turning pro, but that wasn’t my focus at shows because I thought it was a lofty goal, a dream that was never supposed to come true. Really what were the chances? My focus was on each show and improving in each show. That is what I did, and the result was my dream.

What is your dream? What have the people who have made it done? Do you want to be an actress/actor? Are you doing any local productions? If you are, have you pursued the next level? and the next?

I could have stayed competing at the local/regional level in fitness and done well, but I wanted to move up and compete with girls who were better than me. I probably wasn’t ready when I started competing at the national level and I was defiantly scared, but I was ready to learn and improve. I took a chance, I put my money where my dreams were and made sacrifices. The result was one step closer to my dream of being on the glossy pages of fitness magazines.