Goals Come and Go, but Health is Forever

Depending on what time of year it is, or who is hot in Hollywood, has an impact on many people’s goals. When the Hollywood socialites were the main faces in entertainment news, skinny was in. During the Kim Kardashian craze, women were pushing to boast voluptuous curves. The battle between body types dates back to Marylyn Monroe and long before.

Rather it is a size 00 or a fuller figure that is in demand, one thing that stays the same is the longing for a youthful glow and tight look. The radiant look of health builds confidence and hides flaws.

When you go out, you are naturally drawn towards those who radiate the glow of health. You can kill yourself in the gym and on diets, reach your goal and never look good.

Exercise is important, very important. It will help you reach optimal health and release endorphins that not only combat stress and depression but also revive the production of hormones that will help your overall glow. But there is more to the equation.

Proper nutrition is a big key! And, there is nothing proper about fast or processed foods. The question that remains is: Can we get all the nutrients we need out of the foods we eat?

I don’t think so. I think that our resources have been so contaminated and altered that truly complete and nutrient rich foods are few and far between. If you have ever researched the requirements for organic foods you know that just because it is certified organic and free of pesticides, doesn’t necessarily mean that a few years ago the soil wasn’t drenched with chemical fertilizers or that they aren’t subject to pollutants from rain runoff, other outside sources or proclaimed natural fertalizers.

I am a huge advocate of taking vitamins and minerals. I know that in order to get the nutrients that I want and need, I could never eat that much and wouldn’t like the results if I did!

At the bare minimum, I take a multi-vitamin, joint support, omega’s and collagen (the supplement not the lip injections). I live in Phoenix, AZ where the air is full of pollution and the sun beats down hard. I train hard and as a result put more wear on my joints and muscles than most people.

Even though I go through the motions to look the way I want, I work equally as hard to not look like a dried out desert rat. The internal and external affects of sun, pollution and life can leave you looking much older and worn out. Placing additional stress on my joints requires me to take extra care in offering them the specific nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Rather I am in my “lose fat” or “build muscle” phase, I am always in stay healthy mode.