The reality is that people who want to make a dramatic change to their body, did not get into their current state from an hour every other day for three weeks. So working out for an hour every other day for three weeks is not going to ‘fix’ the problem.

This news may be discouraging, but it should be encouraging. The fact that you are not at your goal after a few weeks is not surprising. If it were possible to have dramatic results from minimal effort, America would not be in such a health crisis.

Instead of looking for a new body in the mirror every morning, try tracking progress that is real. Celebrate (not with cheat food or alcohol) making it to the gym an extra day, or lifting a new heavier weight, or making it another half mile. After 4-6 weeks, notice your clothes fitting different; feel the difference in your energy.

The changes will be as fast as your dedication is to your goal. You can’t go into a program for 45 minutes three days a week and continue the habits that got you there in the first place, and expect much. Before our lives will change, we have to be honest with ourselves and with our dedication to our goal. Partial commitment will yeild partial results.

Even once you get to your goal, there is work to be done. We can’t abandon the process that gave us results unless we want to forfeit those results. How many competitors have we seen (I know I have been there a few times) who look AMAZING on stage and a month later look like the ‘before’ picture in a weight loss ad? Lose the dedication and work ethic and you will lose the progress.

It took me many, many shows to give up the ‘off-season’ mentality. I would finish a show and turn around and finish a buffet! I had it in my mind that I needed to “eat it while I can.” What a horrible mentality, it lead to depression and long up hill journey’s. After I finally recognized what I was putting myself through, I chose health. I chose to have a cheat meal, not an all-access card. I stay within 10 pounds of where I want to be on stage and have found a balance. We all need to find that balance.