Date: April 30, 2010

Time to vent…I am so over some people. Just yesterday, to add to my list of people I want to punch in the mouth, a women, who I wouldn’t normally point out as over weight (we aren’t talking a mere five pounds either) decided to inform me that she would never want to look like me and would never want to be that muscular…if that wasn’t bad enough, she asked why I would ever want to look like I do. Really? Really lady? This time, I refrained from telling her I would never want to look like her and would never want to be that fat.

Yes I workout; yes I have muscles; yes I take workout supplements, including fat burners; yes I tan. I understand it is not everyone’s goal to be on the cover of Oxygen magazine (funny how some of the haters buy that magazine), but it is mine. I understand that some people would rather go to happy hour than to the gym (some days I would too, but I don’t). I understand that society thinks fast food is a dietary staple and veggies are for garnishing not eating.

I don’t tell people how I would never want to look like them because I think it is gross, so why do over weight women feel the need to tell me, yes me, that they would not want to look like me because it is manly? Really? Since when did not being fat and out of shape and weak become manly?

I wear a size 6. I am not a bodybuilder. I am not a lot of things people have said to me. But, I wonder…who would the world rather look at? and if how I look is so undesirable, why are physiques just like mine on the cover of so many magazines?