Sometimes in life, you wonder how you will gather the courage to make it through one more thing, how you could possibly get tested one more time. Then tomorrow comes, and you made it. You made it through, and for some reason you are still breathing. The world is still turning while you are at a red light wondering how.

How can life look so normal? How can all those people walking around, driving in their car, talking on their phone, be so oblivious to the world that is crashing down around you…I’ve been there too.

The thing is, every person walking, driving, talking, living, has…we all have been there. And, we will all be there again, but more often, we will be the person on the phone, driving the car or in the cross walk.

Finding clarity in crisis is not normal. But, if for one second you can latch on to the belief that the light will turn green, it may remind you that few things last forever. Not pain, not joy, but faith can. Faith can last forever and get you through anything. My faith has and will, forever…yours can too.