Today I lost a father. Not by legal terms, but by life terms. I lost a man I respected and loved. A man who treated me like one of his daughters, with firmness and love. A man who displayed compassion and authority in moments of teaching.

He taught me accountability and the value of a job well done verses a job done. He taught me a dollar is worth as much as you worked for it…and the work and value could be seen in how you spent it.

I learned that family doesn’t have to be perfect to be right or to be sought after. He gave me courage and taught me to be tough. He loved me through the thick and thin. I have lost a father, but will not lose the memory or the lessons learned.

My heart breaks. It breaks for his wife, two other daughters and his new little grand-baby. I love you so much…I miss you, I’m sorry. I am sorry for all the time I wasted not calling enough, not writing enough and not visiting enough. I’m sorry for not reminding you enough how much you mean to me and how you changed my life and made me a better person.