Dreams never die; they may morph, but they never die. My dream of being a top IFBB fitness competitor has transitioned into a new journey into the word of CrossFit. Knee injuries and surgeries have retired me out of the IFBB as a pro fitness competitor–My body cannot take the gymnastics tumbling anymore. However, my body has adapted quite well to the world of CrossFit. I’m strong, fast, and agile. The years of gymnastics has crossed over well, and I have new goals of rising in the ranks of CrossFit.

so far I’ve made it into the top 1%, but I have so far to go. My journey has already begun, but now I’ll be sharing it with you. Stay tuned for new articles, new stories and tons of motivation!

Dreams never die... They may morph, but the live on.
Dreams never die… They  morph, and they live on.