Sometimes the success of a performance relies little on the judges and fully on those who support the performer. Having affirmation from a panel of judges is the ultimate goal for any competitor but it is not the only indicator of success. The 2009 IFBB Europa Show of Champions, April 17-18, was such a show for me. I trained for hours each day and dieted around the clock. I presented my best package and preformed two new routines I was proud of and enjoyed preforming. For the first time in my career, I competed in Orlando, Fl., where my extended family lives. I had the honor of their attendance, a first for everyone.

I walked out on stage for each of my judged rounds glowing because they, along with wonderful fans of the sport, cheered wildly. I won before I was judged. Their approval and pride in me validated everything I had sacrificed and worked through preparing for the competition. While the judges didn’t share their enthusiasm (this time), it is their enthusiasm that will push me show to show until I present just the right package teamed with flawless mind-blowing routines that will land me where I have always dreamed, at the top


2006 Europa prejudging

2006 Europa 2 minute routine