This morning, during my tax appointment, my accountant asked, “how do you do it? how do you go on surgery to surgery?” I told him it is easier to come back from than a broken heart or a broken home.

True it is hard and scary to go back to the very thing that hurt me so bad. Again. But, is it any different from having your heart broken and eventually getting strong enough to seek a new love? I say no.

So, tomorrow I will re-enter the sterile hall of healing. I will close my eyes and drift off into the a surgical slumber and awake in the light of a new start, a fresh start. Once again, I will take the healing day-by-day until I am strong enough to step back out and take another chance.

People who give up on love, living a life of bitterness, only rob themselves of happiness. I will not rob myself of happiness by giving up on my dream because I have been hurt. I will put my heart and my dreams on the line time and again.

So should you.