Take off the blinders

Sometimes there are situations in life that need changing, and that is obvious. It is even obvious where everything went downhill. But, where so many go wrong is having all of the pieces before them and still not seeing how they all go together. I have always wondered why some people can’t see, even when their eyes are open.

It’s like we go through life with blinders on, and it takes something profound and special to shake us out of the tunnel vision that is ruining our life. But just having the blinders removed isn’t enough…it takes courage and pride and faith to step out into a position of change. Change is so hard; not just physically, but emotionally. It make us vulnerable because we don’t know where we could be attacked.

When I moved to Arizona, it was against everything I wanted. It was a change I was terrified to make, but it was what I needed to have a chance. I felt scared and alone and so very vulnerable. I remember saying to my mom “this is bigger than me, and I don’t want to go.” It was true. I was small town. I was used to the comfort of familiarity. But when it came down to it, I was less comfortable living in a life that was sub-par than taking a chance at seeking something better.

I knew what I should do, but it took people who loved me to make the change. Finding someone to help you take that first step is vital. Getting the ball rolling in the right direction is the hardest part for most. Don’t let yourself fail before you have a chance to succeed. There is someone who will help you remove your blinder and put the pieces together. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable…that’s when you will grow the most.