Original Post: 11-5-2008

Hey friends!!! It has come to me that my “off season” has fed into a lack of communication. Even my mom has been disappointed by my lack of correspondence. So after a long talk with her, I decided there were many people who I wanted to share what my life has been like the past few months. I finished Atlantic City Pro by tieing for 10th place, which I will claim as breaking the top ten!!  Since then, I have been enjoying football season and my Fla Gators in there SEC domination (who’s counting a fluke loss to KU, other than the BCS?). My training has continued, but is focused differently. I am spending the majority of my time and energy on my strength move training at North Valley Gymnastics. I hope to have some very impressive skills in 2009, and if not maybe ya’ll could pretend to be impressed hahahaha. I am ALWAYS sore and have a new affinity for the training of gymnasts! No wonder they are so lean and amazing!!! 

I will be applying for the 2009 Arnold Cla$$ic, to be held in Ohio the first weekend in March, but we will see if I get accepted this year. After that, I plan on competing in NYC, Orlando, Houston, and Dallas…I know it is a full schedule and damage will be done! Also Fit Camps are beginning in Dec/Jan, so that is quickly receiving a lot of my attention and is generating so much excitement!

I appoligize for the bright pink, but I couldn’t help myself!!