Superbowl 2009

Original Post: 1-31-2009

Happy Superbowl weekend! This is one of my FAVORITE holidays (yes I think Superbowl is a holiday). It is one of my favorites because it revolves around spending time with friends and family. It isn’t a forced holiday to invite or be with people you may clash with; it doesn’t require you to spend money on presents or worry about if the event will be perfect (ok so there are some of you out there that worry about that regardless of the event!) AND, not to mention it is one of the biggest games of the YEAR (I don’t know which would win in a BCS Championship or Superbowl importance poll; I know I would be split). I may live in AZ now but I am a huge STEELER fan and look forward to BOTH of my teams (FL Gators and PA Steelers winning the Championship this year, the second in the 2000 decade!)

Anyway, along with that excitement, I am diligently getting ready for my next two shows, both in April. I am preparing a new routine that I am sooo excited about; I have begun a new and thus far successful newsletter: Move The Chains; AZ H.E.A.T. Camps are in full swing and a blast to be a part of! The year is already amazing and I hope this finds you in a positive place too…even if the economy isn’t what we would like it to be, we are in control of our state of mind. We have the option to be grateful for what we have, even if it is simply our loved ones, and continue to work for what we want and where we want to go!