One more to go…

Original Post: 9-2-2008

September? Already? Less than 2weeks until Atlantic City Pro/Am.  The Europa (Dallas, Aug 15-16) had me leaving with mixed feelings. I felt great; I was in the best shape to date and my routines are coming back to speed. But, the judges did not share in my self critique. They thought I was too lean (your eyes are reading correctly too lean) and need more taper. Translation: less cardio and dieting to look softer.  Never thought I would have to train less, but I would rather have to train less than more!  So for the next show we have increased my diet and reduced my cardio.  My body has really taken to the extra calories (up to 1700+) and I do look fuller. However, now we are concerned that even though I am just a little softer that I may now look to muscular. It is such a fine line because I among, if not the tallest girl there. So 5’9″ standing next to a 5’2″ girl is so hard to compare. If I’m around her size I look too lean, but if I’m around her body fat I’m afraid I will look too muscular…ahh well, we will see!!! The plan is to always feed to the critiques from the judges and try to pin point what they want from me, because it will be different from the next girl.  

This summer has been a whirlwind of training, dieting, cardio, ch$%#ography, posing, sleeping, healing, traveling, tanning, meeting up with old friends and making new ones. It is hard to believe that in 2weeks life will return to ‘normal.’  Weekends will revolve around Florida football, cause what else is there, and NFL Sundays, instead of workouts. So, in a few months when the SEC and specifically Flordia, is sweeping college football worry not. I will be among the few SEC fans in PAC 10 country screaming joyfully at the BCS standings!