Original Post: 7-3-2008

Hi ya friends! Technology has allowed me to write while waiting for my plane to take me to Houston for my show.  Fascinating!  I feel ready, heart and soul. My cla$$ has 25 girls. 25 huafrican americany, beautiful, fit, accomplished girls. I am among my own; I am so happy. My dress rehearsal went well but not with out fault. Mid dance we had a major wardrobe malfunction. Actually, it was quite funny. We had an audience of little kiddo summer campers, and not that there is much left to the imagination in a routine costume, BUT they nearly got more than their lil eyes, (or their parents money) bargained for! Needless to say, that’s why we do dress rehearsal, and the hitch is out of my giddy-up 🙂 (a.k.a. problem is fixed for ya’ll not fluent in southern lingo!) I will be sure to let you all know how the show goes on Saturday. Until then, keep me in your thoughts and know that I LOVE YOU ALL!!!