Original Post: 7-29-2008

Going out to eat with a competitor is never much fun for the easily guilted.  I personally don’t mind if my friends or family eat a juicy, perfectly seasoned, char-grilled steak paired with cheesy potatoes and green bean ca$$erole…(hold on my mouth is watering)….in front of me. I really don’t. In fact, I live vicariously through them. I often try and influence them to order what I would if calories didn’t count. But, I can see where ordering the alfrado, when I am ordering grilled chicken salad no this, no that, hold that, take off ANYTHING that tastes good (I have, in fact, told a server only half joking “if it tastes good, I’m sending it back”) could make you feel gluttonish. Some of my friends like going to eat with me when I am dieting. They say it helps them to stick to their ‘I’m always trying to loose 5lbs diet.’ So salads it is for everyone. And we are forced to live through other tables menu choices (which is embarrassing getting caught boldly staring at a neighbors bacon swiss cheeseburger.)  

There was a time when I didn’t want to be around people eating and drinking things that were not on my diet. It was too hard to remain disciplined. But, that was selfish of me. I am in a sport that I CHOSE, which requires me to make sacrifices to reach the goals I WANT. The ‘sacrifices’ I have to make are voluntary, and that is the clincher. I can eat whatever I want, but I choose not to; each competitor chooses not to. Another choice I have made is not to superimpose my self-imposed restrictions.  Moral of the story: eat, drink, and be merry (if you want).