I can remember, more times than I care, being labeled “healthy.” I never took it in a flattering way and don’t know one girl who would.

Looking “healthy” is about like being told “you look like you’ve stopped dieting.” This is reason enough to re-examine all the “healthy” labels on forbidden foods. Let’s look at two big health claims:

#1 Red Wine is Healthy because it Contains Antioxidants

True, red wine does contain antioxidants. However, the antioxidants are a result of the red grapes. Eating grapes will give you the antioxidant benefit without the alcohol content.

The health claim related to red wine is in relationship to other alcohols. In relationship to beer, wine is healthier.

In relationship to pneumonia, having a cold is better…but, either way you are sick.

#2 Dark Chocolate is Healthy because it Contains Antioxidants

True chocolate does contain antioxidants. The coco bean is widely known to be loaded with flavonoids, a type of antioxidant that has been linked to increasing HDL (the good cholesterol). These antioxidants subsequently are present in dark and milk chocolate due to their coco content.

The news is rampant with chocolate health claims, and thus has validated chocolate cravings and splurges.

What these “health claims” do not address is the high fat and sugar content. So while you are adding to your health, you are also clogging your heart and widening your hips.

The Half-Truth Bottom Line

Finding a health claim for something that you know is on the “avoid eating” list is only a justification. It is not a free-pass. Things that are “too good to be true” often are just that.

Be aware of who’s promoting the health claim, and what they have to gain from you buying into it. If the product manufacture’s making the claim: scratch your head, use common sense and WALK AWAY FROM THE CHOCOLATE!