The Effort of a Champion

I have been thinking a lot lately about what is the difference between someone who ‘makes it’ and some one who doesn’t. There are many differences on a superficial level. Some may even say it is the difference between those who want it enough and those who just want. I’m not sure that is fair. I know many people who want it enough. I know plenty of hearts who have given all they have only to be met with adversity at each turn. Adversity that would cause most to quit, yet they get back up to try again.

The effort of a champion is not always evident in those who are ‘at the top of their game.’ Some times it is in the heart of the single mom getting up at 4am to workout before having to work on everyone else’s needs. Sometimes it is in the eyes of the 80-year-old woman fighting to walk on her own. Sometimes it is in the mind of a Veteran trying to reunite with a world that doesn’t understand him.