Visiting the doctor yesterday, it suprised me that I am only 7weeks out from surgery. Man, I thought it had been A LOT longer than that! But, no, not even 2months in to a 12-month recovery. However, I am walking almost normal! I am doing limited cardio! I am doing modefied exercises! Modified, meaning two sets of stiff-legged dead lifts with the bar…only. But, fact remains, I am starting to feel muscles again, and I am sore 🙂

I think by the time the pavement stops melting here in Phoenix, I may just be able to run again…start hitting the track and finally get back on stage. I am planning on competing in Figure the first of next year. Probably the Phoenix Pro. Then, it will almost be a year and I can start working on my next routine and find my way back to Fitness.

Every show that passes is one I wish I could have been a part of! I have so much ground to cover! I have so many improvements to make, but I also have a story to tell, a journey to share and a memory to honor.