Knee’s out, Spirits up

Original Post: 10-13-2009

This past weekend, at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup, I had the misfortune of blowing out my knee at the beginning of my fitness routine. I have had my left one reconstructed before, and know the right one will go through the same treatment.

In a very short time, I have been reminded who I am, and who truly cares about me. I have found out how strong I am and how weak some friendships are. I have been reminded about the true essence of a strangers concern and the devastating result of a friends apathy.

My journey will be slow, but it will be over. I thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and encouragement. I hope that this experience allows me to encourage and motivate others. I believe that one can not truly touch a broken spirit until they have been broken themselves. I have been through a lot and no doubt will go through more, but with each struggle I become stronger. With each fall, I find out further who I am and what matters. And at the end of the day, my story will touch someone, lift their spirits and re-charge their belief in themselves, and that will make it all worth it!