Holiday Hopes

The theme behind this time of year is no secret. It is a time we give thanks for all the blessings in our lives. But how thankful are we? Do we only give thanks for what we consider blessings? Do we by-pa$$ such blessings we feel are inadequate?

So often we are not able to objectively see all the blessings we are given. Some things seem anything but a blessing at the time, but bring us to a better future. Do we remember to “go back “ and “give thanks” for the very events we cursed as they happened?

Life is an imperfect, puzzle perfectly placed together.

We are not an accident. We are perfectly designed and placed in the only environment that could sustain life. What ever you believe, that can not be denied.

We are also a product of our choices and actions. And too often we chalk up good fortune to luck and misfortune to bad luck. But what is the good without the bad?  Not to say we deserve to go through tough times. I just hope that at some point during them, we will examine things.

I hope we will think back to other hard times and see what we learned and the life we have since making it through each of them. While you are gathered around the table this year, remember to be thankful for what was good and what you have yet to understand.

Remember that each moment is an opportunity to live and to love.

We only have one shot at today…let’s make it count, let’s make it memorable and let’s be thankful for every minute.