1 month out from first pro show!!

Original Post: 6-8-2008

Time, such a finite measurable thing, has so many meanings. A month waiting to see a loved one seems like forever, yet a month leave from deployment is so very short. The same is true for competitors. A month is so brief in relation to getting a routine and physique perfect, but the same month drags on forever when talking about dieting or number of cardio sessions yet to endure. This is my month out mark, and like anyone else, I struggle with the dichotomy. My ch$%#ographer Mario, who is amazing, and knows of my struggle, had a surprise for me this week. My favorite show, well one of them, is So You Think You Can Dance, and my favorite dancer Lauren (from season I) is friends with Mario and surprised me this week at my practice. I was star struck. I was star struck by girl 8 years younger, 6” shorter and 50 lbs lighter. I felt silly but elated. How motivating it is to be inspired and then to meet your inspiration…it was a good week and a turning point in my training. This is my first pro show and the beginning of a whole set of new dreams. But, meeting Lauren, a regular girl, reminded me people who achieve their dreams are regular people who have extraordinary dreams and don’t accept that they are regular. I do not accept where I have landed. I want more. I can be more. I can do more. I will achieve more. And then, I will have new hopes and dreams.